Swieqi United Cricket Club Malta opening event

The Swieqi United cricket club Malta opening ceremony event was held on 17th July 2020 at the Swieqi Local Council.

Mayor Noel Muscat, Swieqi Sport Association President Justin Fenech, Cricket Malta Association President Dr Indika, Swieqi United Cricket Club Chairman Khurram Khan and Vice Chairman Nadeem Ulhaq were present, as well as a crown of local and foreign cricketers and all the team members of the Swieqi United Cricket Club.

Team spokesperson Anil Khan delivered a motivational speech. The other board members – General Secretary Atta e Rabi,  Captain of the team Masood Malik and Finance Secretary Umar Khan – organised the event.

It was a great platform to promote cricket in Malta.

During the event, it was announced that after the European cricket league the club was also are planning to take part in the Asian league in the future.