‘Sustainable and permanent solution required to address migration’ – Zammit Dimech

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PN MEP Francis Zammit Dimech stressed for the need of concrete mechanisms on migration, saying that one could not act on case by case basis. Zammit Dimech spoke out on the “migration crisis” and on the latest stand off on the 49 asylum seekers rescued by two NGO vessels in the Central Mediterranean. He underlined the need for a sustainable and permanent solution observing how case by case basis was leading to tensions between Member States.

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The Nationalist MEP was addressing the European Parliament during Council and Commission Statements on the reform of the EU asylum and migration policy in light of the continued humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean and Africa. Zammit Dimech further elaborated that while the first priority for Europeans should be to save lives, Malta could not shoulder such responsibility on its own.

The MEP referred to the online media campaign dubbed Let Me In and questioned if one was truly embracing the European values of solidarity and respect to human dignity, also referring to the fact that the 49 asylum seekers which included five children were left for almost three weeks at sea. He decried the fact, that the migrants were left for almost three weeks out at sea, saying that this was “not what the EU stands for”.

Zammit Dimech also addressed the European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos saying that “certain political attitudes did not change”. He also thanked him for the solidarity shown towards Malta while agreeing with Avramopoulos that it was now up to each and every member state to finalise the asylum reform.

He also appealed against allowing populists and extremists being allowed to influence the migration agenda, reminding every one of European value of solidarity and warning against spreading hate.

The Nationalist MEP sits on the Human Rights Committee.