Suspension of legal timeframes to be lifted

Photo by: Unsplash

As of today, Friday 22nd May, the suspension applicable to all Promise of Sale on properties will no longer apply. Earlier this month the Superintendent for Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci announced that Court Registers were to re-open.

In a statement the Ministry for Justice announced that the introduction of this legal notice, concerning the suspension of legal timeframes relative to Promise of Sale Agreements, shall no longer be in effect as of today, Friday 22nd May and all perspective periods relative to Promise of Sale agreements shall recommence as of 11th June because a 20-day transitory period will be allowed.

In a statement, the Ministry for Justice said that the decision to lift certain measures is aimed to safeguard notaries and to resume a sense of normality in their legal profession and that this is another step to ensure further normality not only in our economy but also in our justice system.

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