Update 2: All clear given on bomb scare in Gwardamangia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Police have issued the all-clear on the suspected car-bomb in Gawardmangia this evening.

According to the police at the scene, a white van parked close to the streets of San Lawrenz and Ursolini forced them to close the roads and evacuate people from the vicinity and from a local gaming company.

Police carried out searches on the vehicle but found nothing. They carried out secondary searches with sniffer dogs in the area to check other vehicles.

The all-clear was given at around 20.15PM.

Newsbook.com.mt was also informed that last week there was another bomb threat in the same area.

The police and members of the Bomb Disposal Unit of the Armed Forces of Malta were called to the scene to investigate reports of a suspected car-bomb in Gwardamangia.

The report came shortly after 7pm.