Survey confirms ‘urgent need’ to choose new PN leader, majority of PN MPs say

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The latest survey published by MaltaToday confirms the “urgent need” for the paid up Partit Nazzjonalista members to be allowed to vote for their new leader “to piece together the mosaic within the party and get ready for the next general election”, the majority of PN MPs said on Sunday.

Reacting to the results of a survey published in MaltaToday, which found that Opposition Leader nominee Therese Comodini Cachia’s trust rating when compared to Prime Minister Robert Abela stood at 13.1% while that of Delia stood at 13.2%. Reflecting on the results, the majority of PN MPs said that they are determined for the party members to be allowed to choose a new leader for the party.

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia lost a vote of confidence within the parliamentary group followed by a second defeat within the PN’s executive committee. The majority of the PN MPs who voted against Delia as Opposition Leader then proceeded formally inform President George Vella that Delia no longer commands the support of the majority of the PN’s parliamentary group as Opposition Leader and asked for his appointment to be revoked and nominated Therese Comodini Cachia instead.

During her first week, Comodini Cachia registered similar results to Delia despite not enjoying the same media platform and coverage as the latter, the majority of the PN MPs noted.

Commenting on the survey, the MPs who identified themselves as the absolute majority of the parliamentary group, said that the survey is a sign of worry for all those who want to see a strong and serious Nationalist Party which can present a credible alternative to Robert Abela’s government which is “buried in corruption scandals”.

They said that the survey reconfirmed the negative trends for the Partit Nazzjonalista and for Adrian Delia, noting that the party would lose the next election by over 80,000 votes. Another observation was that while Delia does not attract the support of anyone who did not vote in 2019, Comodini Cachia attracts 9% of that support.

On Saturday, PN deputy leader Robert Arrigo who is known for supporting the embattled party leader claimed that the results of a recent survey showed that Comodini Cachia had fallen at the first hurdle.