Supporting local will guarantee a constant supply of fresh produce


Malta Dairy Products Ltd, part of the KPH Group Ltd., together with Għaqda Bdiewa Attivi and the Pig Breeders’ Cooperative Society Ltd are working towards the same goal; to ensure that food production in Malta carries on despite the current global uncertainty due to Covid19.

Consumers are clearly concerned that there may be insufficient food supply, leading to bulk buying. Times of uncertainty such as these may increase the appreciation and understanding of the importance of where food really comes from and the value of local supply chains.

As long as the agricultural sectors continue to exist, and local farmers tend their livestock and fields, there will be fresh local produce every single day from the farm to your table. Local agricultural co-ops and producers thereby ensure food security for everyone. The local food sector is the only food sector that the Maltese population can control and rely on, particularly in times of global disruption.

Co-ops and organisations are joining forces to remind consumers of the importance of maintaining a healthy balanced diet through the consumption of fresh nutritious products. The message is simple: support local produce always so that we can guarantee a constant supply of fresh products, in good times and in bad.

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