Support for SMEs to access EU funding and partnerships

Tyron Lloyd Baron and Mark Mallia © InboundMuse, 2020

This is part of EU Open for Business 2020 – success stories

As our society becomes more data-rich and interconnected, the way we do business is changing. Companies need to process massive amounts of data to better understand and access their markets.

The Maltese tech company InboundMuse developed an AI digital marketing software. To maximise their reach and impact, InboundMuse turned to the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest global network supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) co-financed by the European Union.

Tyron Lloyd Baron founded InboundMuse in 2015. With a team of techies, the Maltese tech company set out to develop an AI optimisation software to help companies generate more reliable marketing insights and returns. After a lot of trial and error, InboundMuse’s software eventually evolved into a laser-focused pay-per-click optimisation tool – particularly of interest for data-heavy companies (e.g. gaming companies, AI companies, e-commerce retailers).

Assured of the commercial feasibility of their AI optimisation, InboundMuse still needed to take steps to engage new partnerships and business endeavours. In need of direction, InboundMuse approached the Enterprise Europe Network local office in Valletta (Malta). The network, with its 3,000 experts from more than 600 member organisations based in 60 countries worldwide, is a valuable source of support for SMEs in accessing EU funding and partnerships.

Mission possible

In December 2019, along with representatives of five other Maltese companies, Baron arrived in Cork, Ireland, as part of an international company mission organised through the Enterprise Europe Network. Baron attended a series of meetings with some of Ireland’s most reputable cluster organisations, businesses and innovators. As Baron recalls, “In Ireland, I knew the local scene, but we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to set meetings without the network’s support.”

During the Ireland mission, Baron set up an official meeting – and eventually signed a Partnership Agreement – with the CEO of the global privacy management firm Beacon AI. As an offshoot,  InboundMuse continues to manage and optimise all of Beacon AI’s Google ads with their AI optimisation software. Baron has also benefitted from cultivating professional relationships with the other Maltese companies involved in the mission to Ireland.

New partnerships on the horizon

The network’s support for InboundMuse has extended beyond the successful mission to Ireland: tapping into Horizon 2020 SME funding, but also accessing coaching and mentoring. As a result, the company has been growing rapidly, with a team of client-facing officers, data scientists and administrators operating all over Europe and servicing a wide cadre of international clients. With the network’s continued support, InboundMuse is highly motivated to continue EU-wide engagements, as a potential partner in future EU-funded projects or as a host with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

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