Suicide attempts result in 64 admissions to psychiatric care

The Commissioner for Mental Health said that in 2018 there were a total of 64 involuntary admissions to psychiatric care because of suicidal intentions. In his annual report, the Commissioner said that the referring doctor or the specialist in psychiatry mentioned either suicide or overdose or deliberate self-harm or suicide intent as the primary diagnosis. “This represents around 15.5% of all acute involuntary admissions. This should not be considered as a suicide incidence statistic, it merely reflects the number of times that suicide was mentioned in admission documentation notified to this Office”.

Two persons committed suicide following discharge from hospital – Ministry of Health

Suicide kills one person every 40 seconds, says WHO

Of the 64 cases, 27 were suicide attempts by overdose or hanging while another 23 had the intention of suicide. The group is also dominated by males aged 30-44 and the main illnesses contributing to suicide attempts/thoughts  are psychotic disorders, mood disorders and substance abuse.  Anxiety related disorders whilst being the second most common disease category would seem to carry an even higher risk. “More in-depth analysis is certainly needed but data of this nature is certainly indicative of the possible risk scenarios that may be prevalent in the local context” said the Commissioner for mental health.