Successful pilot project to have a reverse osmosis at all Gozitan schools

During an event organised on the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction at the Xewkija primary school in Gozo, Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana said that the scheme of having a reverse osmosis in schools has been a success.

Caruana explained that in the past year, the Eco-School Regional Committee had been set up whereby students could bring forward projects which would then be funded by the Ministry for Gozo. One of the first was proposed by students of Xewkija primary school to install reverse osmosis devices in their school.

This proposal developed into a scheme funded by the Ministry for Gozo for all schools in Gozo, whereby 12 schools will be benefiting from funds to install a reverse osmosis system and thereby reduce the amount of bottles of plastic used in schools.

“Xewkija should therefore be at the forefront to promote an agenda to reduce waste and I am proposing that the Ministry for Gozo, together with the Xewkija Local Council, give the necessary resources to our students so that it is the first village to be given the ‘Consume Less’ seal of approval by the Ministry,” she said.

During the inauguration ceremony, a statue of St John which was restored by Hubert Saliba was also inaugurated. The restoration was also funded by the Ministry for Gozo.