Subsidy schemes for Gozitan employees and patients, announced

Christoph Schwaiger

Subsidy schemes for Gozitan employees and patients in Malta were launched on Thursday morning during a press conference at Mġarr Gozo addressed by the Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana.

Gozitan patients who have appointments scheduled at Mater Dei Hospital can benefit from the newly launched scheme. According to the Government’s website this subsidy covers both the patient and the accompanying adult. The scheme applies both to Gozitan patients that would commute to Malta for treatment as well as those Maltese patients requiring to commute to Gozo.

Other schemes include schemes aimed at Gozitan employees that work in Malta, in the form of tax credits for private companies which organise collective transport for their employees among other subsidies. Government employees that use organised transport will be given €1.50 daily as a compensation.

Gozo Minister explained that the scheme applies to cancer patients, those commuting for renal dialysis and those needing to undergo surgery. The Government will also cover accommodation if the appointment is scheduled before 8.30am. The reimbursement will be up to a maximum of €45 per night. One is required to submit accommodation receipts, a letter from hospital and ferry tickets in order to be eligible for the reimbursement.

Employees will receive an annual €650 sum while educators will receive €525 annually given that the latter do not work during the summer break. Caruana explained that the employees will get their allowances in two installments.

Applications for the private sector will open in July which will see allowances of €300 annually paid in three installments.