Students were not left in the dark, says UoM

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The University of Malta said that it is not correct to say that students who fail to obtain the MATSEC University entry requirements if they take their resits in December, will not be given a second chance. In a statement, the University of Malta clarified its position saying certain reports online did not portray the accurate version of events with regards to University admission this academic year.

It was explained that the Matriculation Examination is usually held in May, followed by another session in September. This year, the two sessions of May and September were amalgamated into one special session held in September, with the resit session being held in December 2020.

This information had been placed on the website of the University in the beginning of April 2020, and various webinars were held throughout the summer to keep students well-informed – rendering the claim that students were left in the dark untrue, said the University of Malta.

The University of Malta said that in previous years, there were a number of students who would sit for an examination for the first time in September and if they failed, they would not have had a resit session in the same academic year. In the same way, this year, Sixth Form students who registered for the September session, without having registered for any subject in the May session, are not eligible for a resit in the same academic year.

In view of all this, the University revised and drastically reduced the entry requirements for the majority of courses for the academic year October 2020.

The statement further expalined that freshers who commenced their first year of studies on the 19th of October 2020 were individually informed, through their letter of acceptance, that they were being admitted provisionally subject to obtaining the minimum of 36 points. Students were informed that should they not meet this requirement, they would be withdrawn from the course.

Meanwhile, students with a minimum of 36 points can progress with their studies at the University of Malta on probation. Normally, students who fail a small number of credits in their first year of studies are still afforded the opportunity to proceed to second year, whereas students on probation, who are benefitting from the special concessions introduced by UM this year will not be able to proceed with their studies unless they successfully complete all their first-year modules.

The University of Malta said that the December session will be a resit session primarily for those who obtained the 36 points and wishes for their current status within the course they were provisionally admitted to be switched to that of a regular student. Furthermore, a student on probation who will successfully complete their first year of studies will be able to continue as a regular student.

Students who obtained less than 36 points and are eligible to sit for the December session, can still opt to do these resits with the aim of obtaining a better result. These results will then count for their admission to University in October 2021, said the University of Malta.