Students to enjoy access to 38 productions with Culture Pass

DOI / Clifton Fenech

Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo and Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici have launched this year’s edition of Culture Pass at St Benedict Primary School in Mqabba.

This initiative is now being broadened to include all kindergarten, primary and secondary school students.

DOI / Clifton Fenech

Minister Bartolo stated that this initiative will give students access to Malta’s culture in an artistic format which will enhance the practice of informal learning. Educational material during these activities will help students develop in a better way. This scheme will help them become aware of various issues in an interesting manner which include historical and environmental topics amongst others. In this way, students will develop better a sense of identity and wellbeing.

Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici stated that “the primary aim of this initiative is to provide all students with the opportunity to attend a cultural activity at least once a year. Moreover, as part of this activity, students will also be able to participate in a workshop where students can benefit from an interactive experience together with artists and therefore they will have the opportunity to appreciate and understand more the different forms of art. Through this initiative, our young ones will begin to appreciate different forms of artistic expression which will lead to more creative potential amongst the students.”

DOI / Clifton Fenech

“Apart from this, we will be fostering a new generation of audiences to cultural activities, especially during a time in which Malta has a flourishing cultural programme. It could also be that through such cultural activities, students will be able to explore their talents and cultural and artistic abilities in a manner that they pursue a career path in culture and the arts”, Minister Bonnici continued.

The Culture Pass is yet another part of various initiatives taking place. One has to see this initiative in a larger context, especially since just a few days ago, the Government has launched the Heritage Malta Passport, which will provide the opportunity to all primary and secondary school students to visit Heritage Malta sites and museums accompanied by 2 adults for free.

The Parliamentary Secretary responsible for sport, youth and voluntary organisations stated that the Culture Pass is a step further in a range of initiatives leading to foster future generations and enable them to find a more natural way to be an active part in the cultural scene in Malta.

All of these initiatives are designed to lead future generations to start participating actively in the cultural scene, which in recent years has seen an unprecedented revival.

The Culture Pass initiative was launched in 2016, and middle and senior school students have benefitted from it during the first two years. A total of 6,800 students benefitted from the Culture Pass in the first year, whilst 11,200 have benefitted from it during the previous scholastic year.