“Students, police, and workers working in containers” – Delia


The Head of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia said that the best time students, the police, and workers are working out of containers. This was said with reference to students who are studying in containers due to lack of space, and of allegations that foreign construction workers would be sleeping in containers. Delia said this while he was talking on the radio station NET FM.

Delia also announced that the Nationalist MEP David Stellini will be contesting in the elections of the European Parliament this May.

‘What is happening in the AFM is a threat to democracy’

Delia said that the Ombudsman’s report on the promotion of soldiers in the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) shows systematic failings in that way that certain army officers were promoted. He explained that it was in the national interest of a country to choose the best candidates.

In Delia words, what is being done in the AFM is a threat to democracy. Explain that the report is certified by the Ombudsman that the AFM were seized by the government. According to Delia, the Labor Government was elected democratically and then started seizing Maltese institutions.

On the current weather in Malta, Delia said that Malta the weather reminded him of the plight of homeless people. We take things for granted yet there are people lacking basic things, he said.

THE HSBC talks about damage to the Maltese image

Delia also talked about the comments made by HSBC Malta’s CEO, in which he spoke about the impact on the Maltese financial sector.

In Delia words, it can lead to this global bank taking hard decisions instead of the government taking action. According to Delia, instead the government has the decency to respond to this with the Minister for Finance admitting that Malta’s reputation has only taken a hit.

“The Government is not taking care of Gozo’

Delia said that the Government wants to discard the island. He said that although he talks about the tunnel, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that in the future there will only be electric cars permitted on Gozo. Delia said that means the tunnel cannot be used by those who have a different car.