Student caught red-handed with drugs in school

Student studying by Don Hamerman For Rutgers Photo Services

A 15-year-old student in secondary education will be arraigned in court in the coming hours on charges related to drug possession and trafficking. The arraignment will take place after an event unfolded during the scholastic day which left the school population, teachers and students alike, stunned. spoke to sources close to the investigation.

The events were triggered by a suspicion by a teacher and a student. The school staff however, immediately took proactive measures to segregate a number of students. While awaiting the arrival of the Substance Abuse team of the Education Authorities who were called in by the school, a teacher noticed one of the youths delving his hand into the front of his trousers. The police were called by the Substance Abuse Division as stipulated in the Schools Substance Abuse Policy of 2001.

Advising the police officers of this incident, the police carried out a search which revealed an amount of drugs secreted on the body of the youth as well as the sum of about €200 in the young man’s wallet. Moreover, in spite of the fact that mobile phones are prohibited in the school, all the segregated students had one, including this young man. It appears that one of the youths also told the police that this young man was getting the drugs from ‘Arabs’.