“Stopped in their tracks” – Moviment Graffitti

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Infrastructure Malta has been forced to remove their machinery from Tas-Sienja, in Dingli, following a direct action, on Friday morning, involving Moviment Graffitti activists, farmers and residents, with the aim of halting these works.

Direct Action in Dingli (3)

Residents, farmers and activists temporarily win battle against Infrastructure Malta. WATCH as machinery drives away after protests

Posted by Moviment Graffitti on Friday, October 2, 2020

In a statement this morning, the NGO Moviment Graffitti said that without permits or warnings whatsoever, Infrastructure Malta showed up with its heavy machinery on the site in question, which includes private properties, to build a road about which no details were made available.

❗WAQQAFNIHOM❗ EN⬇️🚧 Infrastructure Malta żarmaw il-makkinarju tagħhom minn Tas-Sienja, f'Ħad Dingli, wara l-intervent…

Posted by Moviment Graffitti on Friday, October 2, 2020

“This is a classic case of abuse of power which is typical of Infrastructure Malta, its CEO Frederick Azzopardi, with the direct responsibility for all this falling under Minister Ian Borg who is also an elected MP from Dingli,” said the NGO this morning.

The NGO stayed on the site for as long as it deemed necessary with the intention of stopping these roadworks. It has also filed reports with the authorities concerned.

Moviment Graffitti stated that Infrastructure Malta is ‘again exerting unacceptable pressures on residents and farmers in various localities; in Luqa, Wied Qirda, Tal-Balal, and the Central Link project.’

It appears that the pretext for this road is further development in ODZ nearby, since surrounding zones can be developed up to a height of five storeys.

“What we’re witnessing is a huge injustice which government, armed with heavy machinery, is perpetuating to the detriment of the livelihoods of farmers and residents and infrastructure Malta is causing huge damages to the environment and to our communities through its constant pressure,” stated the NGO.