Stop projects while appeal is pending – Vassallo

Bicycle Advocacy Group

It is unacceptable for the government to forge ahead with controversial projects while an appeal against them was still pending, Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo maintained.

In an adjournment speech in this evening’s parliament sitting, Mr Vassallo spoke about the Central Link project meant to alleviate congestion in Attard, which will lead to the uprooting of hundreds of trees as well as the loss of farmland and a number of historic structures close to St Paul’s Chapel.

Mr Vassallo condemned the way works started without warning, especially since permits for the project could still theoretically be reversed by the courts. He said that many were suffering but were afraid to speak publicly, “because, in this democracy, people who may work in the public sector are afraid of repercussions.”

The MP insisted that no government project should commence when an appeal is pending, and that government should not prejudice a judicial process by starting works.

Mr Vassallo also spoke of the need for sustainable development and warned of the possibility of a property bubble popping. He observed that already, many foreign nationals working in Malta were finding the country too expensive to live in, and if one was not careful, many of the apartments that were being built could remain empty.