“Stop making us the enemy” – Occupy Justice

Facebook: Occupy Justice

Occupy Justice Malta felt the need to address “pathetic attempts at attacking” their credibility in a Facebook post tackling a number of “fake claims”. These claims include political agendas and implications of monetary gain.

The Group said that they “thus far opted for silence” but enough is enough, which is why they felt the need to address these issues “as partisan media are trying to milk this for all it’s worth.”

OJ pointed out that they are merely a group of women asking for “Good Governance and Justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia”, with absolutely no political inclination or plans whatsoever. In the same vein, the group also said they have no position on issues such as abortion or legalisation of drugs.

They also clarified that they are not an NGO, company, nor a political party. Since they are not registered, there is also no bank account, no employees, and they don’t make any money from OJ. With regards to where the money for vigils and activities comes from, the Group said that individuals “offer help in kind or help us pay” for them, adding that if they had the money they reportedly have, they would “use it to launch anti-corruption campaigns.”

The post concluded on an appeal to stop treating Occupy Justice like villians and giving importance to fabricated news. “We are the good ‘guys’ – stop making us the enemy.”

In light of the recent pathetic attempts at attacking #occupyjustice’s credibility, we have the following to declare as…

Posted by Occupy Justice Malta on Friday, January 4, 2019