Stop Human Trafficking – President


The President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, said that human trafficking is not a thing of the past and we should strive to set an end to this horrible act that is plaguing our world and violating our human rights.

This was said yesterday by Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca when she hosted a meeting with a group of foreign Erasmus+ students at San Anton Palace. Preca said that human trafficking is truly eroding our fundamental human rights and urged all students “to continue stand up together, encouraging others, to work in synergy” in order to wipe out this horrific act.

She said that it is time that we stop being passive bystanders to this problem and instead become activists so that we will able to “thrive on each other’s courage” and lead the world into a time were certain people don’t have to be face such misfortune.

Preca said that human trafficking goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She added that universal means that each and every human being should have the same rights we have, irrespective of colour, race and nation.

The President also appealed to the youths, encouraging them not to be deterred in the face of hardship like ridicule and bullying.