Steward Health Care submits application for St Luke’s hospital redevelopment

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

On Wednesday, Steward Health Care submitted its application to the Planning Authority to redevelop the St Luke’s Hospital Campus.

Steward Healthcare announced that the redevelopment will increase accessibility to open space and gardens within the campus grounds, enhance community cohesion by integrating the main entrance and Pjazza San Luqa, and incorporate an on-site car park.

In a press statement, Steward officials said the development includes an analysis of the existing site and building conditions and a review of clinical service opportunities.

Gozo General Hospital

Steward Healthcare said that plans are underway for the new acute care hospital which includes expanding inpatient bed provision, establishing acute care services during a crisis, incorporating technology, unique to a teaching hospital and a helipad.

Referring to the submission of the response to the Planning Authority Screening Letter, Steward Healthcare also said that the existing Gozo General Hospital will be renovated and transformed into an ambulatory centre to complement the new acute care hospital.

The new acute care hospital and Gozo General Hospital will be connected also with  Barts Medical School.