Steward Health Care joins PM on state visit to Macedonia

DOI - Clodagh Farrugia O'Neill

Joining the Prime Minister on his state visit to Macedonia, were representatives from the private healthcare provider Steward Health Care.

It is understood that Macedonia is interested in exploring and adopting a similar public private partnership model of healthcare that now exists in the Maltese health sector.

The visit also allowed the two leaders to discuss bilateral trade relations between the two countries.

During the news conference, the Prime Minister said, ‘this country has great possibilities for us and when traders discover the potential of this country, it is obvious to invest and open business doors between the two countries.’

He added, ‘This country open doors to opportunities in the Balkans while for Macedonia Malta, it means an opportunity to arrive in the Mediterranean countries.’

In turn, Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that eagerly awaited ‘a lot of potential links between Malta and Macedonia and listed the reforms being made to Macedonia is ready for membership of the European Union.’

According to the Macedonian PM, around 5,000 Macedonians work in Malta and he was looking forward to signing an agreement that would ensure good conditions and fair treatment for Macedonian workers in Malta.