Stellini’s resignation letter; “Politics is no longer benefiting the country”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

During today’s Parliamentary session, the speaker read aloud Member of Parliament David Stellini’s letter of resignation from Parliament. The letter explained that Stellini’s resignation will commence next Friday, meaning on the 31st of May.

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Stellini explained that the primary reason behind his resignation was that he no longer felt that politics is benefiting the Maltese and Gozitan population, because divided politics is not good for the country.

Members from both parties expressed their unhappiness on the situation, as Stellini was described as doing great work in Parliament.

On Monday, revealed an exclusive story which describes how Stellini was considering joining the European Parliament. Before arriving in Malta to vote in the general elections of June 2017, Stellini was working in Brussels with Partit Popolari Ewropew (PPE). He was then elected as a Member of the Maltese Parliament.

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Today’s Parliamentary session took place this morning instead of the usual 4:00pm time, as the vote counting for Local Council elections will be taking place.

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