State Advocate Victoria Buttigieg to become Malta’s next AG

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Malta’s first State Advocate, Victoria Buttigieg, will be Malta’s next Attorney General, succeeding Peter Grech after a 10-year term marked by various controversies.

The 43-year-old will be returning to her former workplace: she had joined the Office of the Attorney General in 2007, eventually being made Assistant Attorney General.

She was appointed State Advocate only last December, when the role was hived off from that of the Attorney General: the former is the chief legal advisor to the government, while the latter is responsible for prosecutions.

Buttigieg had obtained a law degree from the University of Malta in 2001, and furthered her studies to obtain a Masters in Financial Services.

She is the first Attorney General not to be chosen directly by the government, as a result of constitutional and other reforms Parliament had agreed upon last July. Instead, she was chosen by an independent commission, made up of three retired judges. Their recommendation was accepted by the Prime Minister, who informed President George Vella to appoint Buttigieg.

Peter Grech had submitted his resignation last month, but had chosen to make it effective on 9 September – the 10th anniversary of his appointment to the role.

In a statement, the government thanked Grech for his service to the state, and wished Buttigieg every success in her new role.