Stand up and be counted – Richmond Foundation

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Richmond Foundation, expressed its profound concern at the current political climate, saying that this is impacting badly on people’s well-being.

“The fact that the very structures forming an integral part of a secure and stable state are being questioned locally and internationally is making people feel insecure and unsafe.  Persons who believe in the separation of powers and who hold good governance to heart are experiencing deep distress.   We believe that the current situation may have a long-term impact on mental health in Malta and distract from the implementation of policies and strategies intended to safeguard the nation’s health, including the recent Mental Health Strategy” stated the Richmond Foundation

The Foundation said that justice needs to be seen to take its course and socia trust re-instated. Normality needs to be restored, said Richmond and those who are truly committed to serve the common good should stand up to be counted, concluded Richmnd.