Sta Lucija Network calls on Infrastructure Malta to develop new plan to protect green spaces

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Save Sta Lucija Open Spaces Network is calling on Infrastructure Malta to develop an alternative proposal that prevents continued damage to Santa Lucija’s green areas.

Their statement comes following their meeting with the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Dr Ian Borg, in which SSLOSN proposed alternative designs to the current infrastructure plan for the Tal-Barrani entrance to the Sta Lucija Underpass.

They state that their concept would effectively protect the jogging track green space.

‘The proposed alternative entrance comprises an underground tunnel and so would require much less land take-up than the design contemplated by Infrastructure Malta.  The auxiliary roads near the Sta Lucija roundabout would be on top of the underground tunnel.  In this way, the Sta Lucija jogging track green area would be spared,’ SSLOSN says.

They explain that the meeting with Minister Borg was ‘positive’ and that the proposals had been presented to Infrastructure Malta to check their feasibility.

Selective distribution

The meeting with the Minister follows the Networks serious concerns about the distribution of information about the project to the local population and their own vigil over the removal and uprooting of trees to make way for the underpass and roundabout.

Last week SSLOSN argued that many local residents of Santa Lucija hadn’t objected to plans for the Tal-Barrani underpass because local and central government had failed to tell them what Infrastructure Malta was going to do.

Sta Lucija: ‘Local and central gov’t didn’t tell people all the facts’

They stated that the Local Council did not act to dispel misperceptions among the public that the impact of the planning application submitted in October 2017 would mean more than simply removing some of the trees from Tal-Barrani road and the roundabout.

When the process of felling trees from the jogging track began, the network organised a vigil at the jogging track aimed at raising awareness of the impact the project on the local area.

Watch: Vigil takes place for trees and jogging track at Santa Lucija

Speaking to, SSLOSN’s representative Caroline Polidano explained that Santa Lucija had originally been designed to have green and open spaces on purpose.

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