“Squatters in White Rocks”

Rene Rossignaud

It seems that there are squatters living in the abandoned White Rocks complex. This allegation is due to a post on Facebook, put up by a Maltese photographer, who explained that while visiting the spot for a shoot, he found towels and clothing hung up to dry.

Newsbook.com.mt spoke with the photographer who explained that he is unsure about whether there are squatters living there, however, he maintained that the clothing he found was clean, meaning that it had been freshly washed.

Newsbook.com.mt contacted the Naxxar local council about the issue.

What’s the story behind the White Rocks complex? 

In 1960, the complex used to be quarters used by couples in the British armed forces. It was then converted into a holiday complex, until it was abandoned in 1995.

Although there were a number of attempts to rebuild and refurbish the place into a holiday complex, sporting village, and as a hotel, all projects were for naught.