Special celebrations by the La Stella Philharmonic Society for St George’s liturgical feast

The La Stella Philharmonic Society is organising special events in connection with the liturgical feast of St George, Patron Saint of Malta and Gozo, which this year will be celebrated on Monday 29th April due to the occurrence of the 23rd April during the Octave of Easter.

The programme, spread over a span of three months, commemorates the 125th anniversary of Vincenzo Cremona’s statue representing the victory of St George over evil. The statue, the first to be used in external festivities in Gozo, is considered as Cremona’s masterpiece, and to this day, is the kingpin of the celebrations held every third week of July in honour of the patron saint.

The first event will be a band march featuring the statue on Sunday 28th April at 10.00 am by the resident La Stella Philharmonic Band and St Margaret Band from Sannat.

On Thursday 2nd May at 1930 hours, in conjunction with the anniversary of the statue of St George, an exhibition featuring Cremona’s best-known pieces from all over Malta and Gozo, will be inaugurated at the La Stella Band Club.

Other events to keep include a festive dinner on Saturday 27th April in the foyer of the La Stella Band Club; as well as the solemn pontifical high mass on Monday 28th April at 7.00 pm at St George’s Basilica in Victoria.

More information may be obtained from the La Stella Philharmonic Society Facebook page or website.