Sophie the dog sniffs out €43,800 in undeclared cash

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A positive indication by Sophie from the canine team led Customs to discover €43,800 in undeclared cash at the Seaport.

 Customs’ anti-money laundering team was carrying out checks on passengers boarding a ferry to Italy early on Monday morning, two French passengers – a man and a woman – were selected for a currency check after a positive indication by Canine Sophie.

Both admitted that they were carrying out around €20,000 and following thorough searches, €21,850 were elevated from the man and €21,950 were elevated from the woman.

Any cash or signed cheques valued €10,000 or more are to be declared to Customs when travelling to, through and from Malta.

Customs reported that the two agreed to sign an out-of-court settlement and were fined accordingly.

So far this year, Customs has intercepted a total of €556,182 of undeclared cash in 34 separate cases, with the assistance of its trained dogs.