Sophie sniffs out €11,400 in undeclared cash

Sophie Canine Customs
Id-Dwana ta' Malta

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A woman who was on her way to Istanbul was found to be carrying €11,380 in undeclared cash after she was stopped by Customs officials at the Malta International Airport.

In a statement on Wednesday, Customs explained that during routine checks by the Customs Anti Money Laundering section and the Customs Canine Team, a passenger was selected for a currency check. Sophie, the canine from Customs Canine Team, indicated that a considerable amount of cash was present on the passenger.

The woman told the Customs Officials that she was carrying exactly €10,000.

She was then escorted to the Customs Office. During a search, the officers found €11,380.

The Customs Anti-Money Laundering Team along side with the assistance of the Canine Team intercepted a total amount of €77,750 in undeclared cash in six separate cases during October.

As per national legislation, the passenger agreed to sign an out of court settlement agreement and was fined accordingly.