Some say go, others say stay – PN MPs on Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti. can confirm that during an urgent meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the Partit Nazzjonalista a number of MPs asked leader Adrian Delia to resign because of the negative survey results published on Sunday. On the other hand, others said that with an early election probably in the offing this is not the time to change the leader.

Most said nothing. According to our sources those who said nothing were silent because they have been in this situation so many times that they gave up on such a discussion.

Our sources said that the main preoccupation of the PN MPs during the meeting was how the party could rally to counter the support that Partit Laburista is still registering. Adrian Delia “listened calmly to the criticism” this newsroom was told.

The request for the resignation of Delia was started by David Thake who later in a Facebook post described elements of the report carried in Malta Today about the meeting as ‘fake news”. However he nowhere denied that he invited Delia to resign.

Our sources say that the meeting was a “very civilized conversation” which had absolutely nothing to do with what was said in Court by Melvin Theuma last week. The same sources agreed that what happened during the meeting “has been uselessly amplified by whoever leaked it.”

The triggers of the conversation were the results of opinion polls published today by Times of Malta and MaltaToday. These surveys show that Delia failed to make any in roads with the electorate despite Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela having the lowest trust rating since he was appointed as leader.

According to the survey of Times of Malta the PL has registered a-23-point lead over PN among those who have decided how they would vote it an election would be held tomorrow. According to the same survey more than one in three say that they have not as yet decided whom they would vote for. Delia also placed fourth among five suggested leaders for the party.

The parliamentary group meeting started at around 10.00a.m. and ended at 11.30a.m. Delia left to appear on an interview on the party’s media.

The embattled leader was elected in 2017. He has survived a confidence vote last summer after the abysmal performance of the party both in the MEP and local council elections.

Country run by Mafia-like group – Thake

MP David Thake in a Facebook post described several elements of the report in MaltaToday report as “fake news”. He dismissed calling for the urgent parliamentary group meeting. He said that the meeting was not rowdy and that it was not about the alleged offer to the party. But in his post he nowhere denied that he asked Delia to resign.

“Not fake news? The country is run by a Mafia-like group that assassinated a journalist and will stop at nothing to get away with that murder and the millions that they have stolen and continue to steal,” David Thake wrote on Facebook.