Some children facing deportation allowed to stay; “most still waiting”

Updated 03:01 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A number of children facing deportation have been granted permission to continue living with their families in Malta. However most of the families are still waiting for an official reply, according to one mother.

In December, The Sunday Times of Malta revealed that 22 children were being threatened with expulsion from Malta by the government agency of Identity Malta because their parents do not satisfy the financial requirements of a policy. This policy requires third-country nationals to earn €19,000 a year, as well as €3,800 extra for each child. The figures do not include bonuses or overtime. It later emerged that more families were in a similar situation.

Writing on Facebook on Wednesday morning a mother said that she received a letter from Identity Malta informing her that the residence permit for her children got approved. She thanked all those people who supported her.

The mother said that a number of families received a positive response yesterday, however she added that “most are still waiting.”

We did not change or withdraw any decision – Identity Malta

Later, Identity Malta spokesperson said that the Agency would like to clarify that it has not changed or withdrawn any of its decisions on applications for a residence permit. “Decisions on requests to issue or renew residence permits are taken on a continuous basis and each application is examined on the basis of the applicable laws and following careful consideration of the applicant’s individual circumstances”, he added.

In December Archbishop Charles Scicluna said he was in contact with the Government in an attempt to solve the case of the 22 children, some two years old, threatened with expulsion from Malta. The Archbishop was offering government any assistance that the Church can give.

In a post on Facebook Anthony Gatt, Director of the Church agency Caritas said that “first parents with these kids are allowed to settle to contribute to our economy and then asked to leave or to separate themselves from their children because we only want what they can give us.”