‘Government is working on short-term and long-term measures to reduce Brexit’s impact’

DOI / Omar Camilleri

The Government is working on short-term and long-term measures to reduce Brexit’s impact on Malta. A vision which has been endorsed by the social partners which have in principal agreed with the government’s general direction on Brexit, the Ministry for European Affairs said on Monday.

The Ministry for European Affairs said that the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development met for the third time this year. The MCESD is an advisory council that issues opinions and recommendations to the Maltese Government on matters of economic and social relevance. During the meeting, Glenn Micallef, the Head of EU Secretariat, addressed the meeting with a detailed presentation on the latest developments on Brexit.

Minister for European Affairs Helena Dalli said that the government is prepared for the different scenarios including the possibility of hard Brexit.

The United Kingdom is set to formally leave the European Union later on this month.

In her address, Minister Dalli recognised the possibility of extension in the eventuality that UK Prime Minister Theresa May fails to gather the necessary support over the coming days. According to Dalli, the Government has worked hard to establish a close relationship with the UK following Brexit, saying that the preparations put the mind of the British community in Malta at rest while at the same time offering investors the possibility to come over to Malta.

Dalli stressed that the government is working on short- and long-term solutions regarding Brexit.