Watch: Sobriety is the name of the game

Opening the first Business breakfast, Archbishop Charles Scicluna made an appeal to sober living when addressing the theme of 'Economy vs Environment?"’s first business breakfast got underway with a message by Archbishop Charles Scicluna. In a video message, Archbishop Scicluna said that the issue of the co-habitation of the economy and the environment was fundamental to the progress of humanity and quality of life. The definition of ‘economy’ in itself, said the Archbishop, implies that one must be a good and faithful administrator, and that if we are to care for ourselves, we must pay close attention to the environment.

Both the natural, and the built environment.  Archbishop Scicluna referred to Pope Francis’ encyclical  Laudato Si. Which, he said, wisely uses the word ‘sobriety’ adding that “… ‘Sobriety’ is the heart and soul of sustainability. We need economic growth, we need the ability to keep the wheels turning, but this must not be at the expense of the environment; after all, the natural environment, the countryside, landscapes, are the root of our identity. They are an integral part of our heritage, as well as a guarantee for our well-being to live a high-quality life and we need to ask ourselves: “Is the economy helping us to achieve this?”