Sniffer dog helps intercept €23,000 in undeclared cash at airport

Sniffer Dog Peter

Two men heading to Istanbul were found to carry a little over €23,000 in undeclared cash thanks to the keen nose of sniffer dog Peter.

The Anti-Money Laundering Team was carrying routine screening of passengers at the departures lounge of the Malta International Airport, and two passengers heading to Istanbul were selected for a currency check as Peter flagged a considerable amount of cash present in their luggage.

Both men were asked how much cash they were carrying, with one advising customs officials that he was carrying €11,000 whilst the other insisting that he was not carrying more than €10,000. Any cash or signed checks valued €10,000 or more are to be declared to Customs when traveling to, through and from Malta, and any undeclared cash over that limit is seized.

But the officials were not convinced and searched the passengers and their personal belongings, finding that one was carrying €11,875 and the other €11,340.

Both passengers were fined, and they agreed to reach an out-of-court settlement.