Sniffer dog helps find €26,000 on airport passenger

Sniffer Dog Peter

A sniffer dog has found €26,000 on a passenger at Malta International Airport, this morning.

During routine checks in the departure lounge by the Anti-Money Laundering team and Canine, a sniffer dog called ‘Peter’, alerted customs officials of a passenger carrying a large amount of currency.

The passenger, a Libyan national was questioned about the amount of money he had in his possession, to which he informed them he had only €9,000.

Going on the dog’s reaction, officials searched the passenger’s luggage to find initially €11,000 and a further €15,000 hidden in the passenger’s underwear.

The passenger was arrested and is expected to be arraigned in court later today.

Regulations state that passengers travelling with currency are expected to declare any amount of money over €10,000.