SMM Advocates providing legal assistance and business consultancy online

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As we await the first easing of COVID-19 measures, SMM Advocates continue to provide legal assistance and business consultancy with no interruption.

The online meetings, as the new practice shows, not only help to maintain social distancing, but also to provide more convenient and accessible solutions to clients.

Implementing such change, SMM Advocates has simplified the procedure and promises to be available at any requested time during office hours for those getting in touch and consulting with them as advised.

To proceed, one can easily follow the steps via this link.

SMM Advocates believes that business owners must be prepared and orient themselves to the current situation, assess the resources available to them and take every action to sustain their business, employees and esteemed clients.

“This pandemic has brought us face to face with reality. Various were those that predicted the possibility of us facing such a situation. One particular head of state even went as far as to say that his country was prepared for such an eventuality. The truth is, that no one state was better prepared than another, but Malta has definitely been seen to exceed expectations in keeping the situation under control,” said Dr Joseph M. Sammut, founding partner at SMM Group.

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