Slippery Minister evades direct answers

Minister Owen Bonnici made it clear: it is not his duty to investigate. That is the remit of the police. In comments to, Minister Bonnici confirmed that he had a copy of the Egrant report from the very beginning “…as I said under oath” he added repeatedly. Asked whether, on being given the copy of the Egrant report, he had instigated investigations into the real owner of Egrant, the minister said it was not his duty to do that since that was a police remit.

Focussing on the government mantra that ‘this was all a frame-up’ Bonnici was loath to say who, from persons close to the government, was being investigated by the police, waving off the questions with “ and they are all in the list”. The list includes Nexia BT top brass Karl Cini and Brian Tonna who handled the Panama companies for Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi and the unknown entity who owns Egrant.

When asked if he had passed the document on to anybody else, the minister replied that he had already answered in court on the inquiry.