Slight drop in unemployment rate in June

The seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate in Malta stood at 4.2% in June, a decrease of 0.1 percentage points from the previous month.

According to National Statistics Office figures, this would mean that the number of unemployed persons in Malta amounts to 11,496, down to 11,677.

National Statistics Office figures show that during the month under review, the unemployment rate for men was 3.8%, whereas that for women stood at 4.9%. The youth unemployment rate, for persons aged 15 to 24, stood at 11.8%.

The slight drop in the unemployment rate aligns with a similarly slight drop in the number of people who were registered unemployed in June, from 4,409 to 4,270.

The unemployment rate is based on a definition recommended by the International Labour Organisation, and as such goes beyond simply counting those who are registered unemployed, counting all those who are without work, actively seeking work and available for work.