Skolasajf receives half the usual number of applications

Skolasajf has received around 5,500 applications for this coming summer, which is around half of the usual number of applications.

These statistics were given by Education Minister Owen Bonnici in today’s parliamentary session. He said that usually, Skolasajf receives around 11,000 applications, but the coronavirus pandemic seems to have taken its toll on the yearly summer intake of students.

Bonnici said that in spite of sending in the application for their children to attend summer school, these 5,500 parents are asking what will happen since it is expected that Malta, along with the rest of the world, will still be facing the spread of Covid-19 in summer.

He explained that the current working arrangement is for Skolasajf to open in July, but the Education Ministry is in constant contact with the health authorities so as to determine if this will be safe. Furthermore, he said that the Ministry and the Education Department is prepared for any eventuality.

Today being International Nurses’ Day, the Minister dedicated this day to those students pursuing a career in nursing, as well as their lecturers. He spoke highly of the people who practice this profession, who are currently putting their lives on the frontlines every day.

The Shadow Minister for Education Clyde Puli spoke about Minister Bonnici’s Facebook post from last week, in which Bonnici said that teachers should send in their lesson plans and records of work to their supervisors. He said that the Minister’s action showed a lack of trust in the educators, as even the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) warned its members to ignore the Minister’s appeal.