“Six shipwrecks and almost 200 deaths in September” – Alarm Phone

Photo: Twitter

The humanitarian NGO, Alarm Phone said that hundreds of people have died in Central Mediterranean Sea over just a few days and European authorities continue to keep their silence.

In a post on Twitter, the NGO said that “those who survived are alive only thanks to the efforts of local fishermen who rescued them.” Alarm Phone described Europe as the fortress which has “demonstrated its deadly violence against people seeking to cross borders and find safety.”

Alarm Phone explained how between the 14th and 25th  September, it was alerted by hundreds of people who were in distress at sea. Some of the people who reached out to them were rescued by Alan Kurdi, many others did not make it to Europe but were pushed back to Libya.

According to the NGO several people were not able to reach out to it when they were in distress at sea and were only able to call them after they had returned to land, informing the NGO how they survived shipwrecks, how they watched their friends die at sea and how those who survived were alive because they were rescued by fishermen.

More than 190 people have died off the Libyan coast over just a few days.

Alarm Phone has gathered testimonies and documented the following shipwrecks:

  • 14th September; 22 people were reported dead after a shipwreck off Libya
  • 18th September; at least 20 people went missing and are feared to have died following a shipwreck off Zawiya
  • On the same day, fishermen rescued 51 out of 54 people in two separate interventions, but they arrived too late for at least three people who died off Garabulli
  • 19th September; a fisherman rescued more than 100 people off Zuwara, but upon their arrival on land, two people jumped from the pier to escape arrest and died
  • 21st September; the deadliest shipwreck recorded this year killed more than 110 people. Only 9 people were eventually rescued by a fisherman
  • 22nd September; people in distress who reached out to Alarm Phone, reported that 4 people had jumped or fallen into the water, and their fate is still unclear. Seabird spotted several people in the water just before an interception by the so-called Libyan Coast Guard.
  • 25th September; IOM reported another shipwreck where 16 people lost their lives
  • On the same day, a boat in distress reached out to Alarm Phone and reported that at least two people on board had died – Seabird spotted the case the next day and reported 3 deaths. A day later, on 26. September, IOM reported that survivors testified to 15 deaths in this case.

The humanitarian NGO said that this is the second time within one month that they have written a report about multiple shipwrecks that occurred off the Libyan coast.