“Sisters” added to “brothers” in Italian edition of Roman Missal

The word “sisters” has been added to “brothers” in a widely used Catholic prayer book. ANSA reports that the new third Italian edition of the Roman Missal, which will come into force on November 29, was presented in Rome.

The new missal now includes the line “I confess to almighty God and to you brothers and sisters”.

Cardinal Vicar Angelo De Donatis said the introduction of the new prayer on the First Sunday of Advent “will be an opportunity to rediscover in the Mass the essential hub, the fundamental occasion for generating authentic and healthy relations based on the Gospel.” The addition of “sisters”, said the head of the Italian Bishops Conference liturgy panel chief Bishop Claudio Maniago from Castellaneta, is “all the more important after Pope Francis’s recent appeal for a greater opening to women in the Church”.

The new missal or mass book will also have another significant change, as “do not lead us into temptation” becomes “do not abandon us to temptation”. It also urges the faithful to “exchange the gift of peace”.