Silvio Parnis to call it a day?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The cabinet reshuffle which was announced Saturday evening by Prime Minister Robert Abela had one big loser: Silvio Parnis. The parliamentary secretary for the elderly and active ageing saw his portfolio elevated to ministerial rank while he was left in the lurch, the only parliamentary secretary to be omitted from the list.

Soon after the cabinet reshuffle was made official, Parnis messaged his canvassers giving his intention to call it a day. He described himself as ‘calm and serene’ in spite of the ‘many phone calls he had with the Prime Minister during which no agreement was reached’. He repeatedly referred to his ‘clear conscience’ and promised to help his canvassers in their work.

Parnis’s removal comes weeks after distributing roly poly slices wrapped in single-use plastic to the elderly in care homes riven with Covid-19. The roly polies carried the label ‘Kuraġġ’ (Courage) and the parliamentary Secretary came under heavy criticism as the gesture was considered to be a vote-catching exercise amonge a vulnerable sector of the population.