Silence is not the answer to domestic violence – Bishop Mario Grech

"There were cases where domestic violence became more violent during the coronavirus pandemic"

One of the places where we can experience love is within our family. If we make love one of our rules in life then we would be able to live the true beauty of love will leave us wanting for nothing else. This was explained by the Apostolic Administrator for Gozo, Bishop Mario Grech during his homily to celebrate the feast of St Rita of Cascia.

Bishop Grech said that unfortunately, not all families experience love as many face domestic violence which is the complete opposite since the perpetrators do not value the meaning of the victim’s life.

He mentioned how during the first weeks of the coronavirus pandemic he was interviewed by a journalist who had asked him if he thinks that cases of domestic violence would increase since authorities had issued measures to stay home to avoid contracting the virus. Bishop Grech said that in his reply he was too optimistic and said that he does not think that such domestic violence cases will increase.

During the homily, Bishop Grech admitted that he was wrong in his reply. He continued to explain that during such times he would have expected for compassion and to appreciate the people around us, our family and not continue abusing and taking advantage of them.

The Apostolic Administrator for Gozo said that there have been cases where domestic violence became more violent during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bishop Grech also mentioned how in Europe 12% to 15% of women suffer from domestic violence. He then mentioned St Rita of Cascia, an Italian nun who suffered due to domestic violence.

When a person is treated as less, as an object, has no right to express oneself, ridiculed and offended, stripped off her dignity and controlled by the other partner, that is not love, as domestic violence is not just physical abuse but also psychological and it is not only present in married couples but in other relationships too.

The bishop said that these are only a few examples of how domestic violence can be manifested. He then took the opportunity that through the homily he shows his solidarity towards domestic violence victims and encouraged them to seek assistance because their silence is not a virtue.

The Apostolic Administrator for Gozo, Bishop Mario Grech has also appealed to parish priests, priests, catechists and the rest of the communities to raise the red flag and assist those who are victims of domestic violence.

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