Watch: Silence for the passing of Gozo Business Chamber President in Brussels

The Gozo Business Chamber has held a silence and commemoration to recognise the passing of the president of the GBC and INSULEUR, in Brussels.

The silence was held at the opening of a public hearing where members of the GBC members were attending on, ‘European Policies to support European Islands Sustainable Tourist Destinations’.

Following the commemoration, the gathering also welcomed the election of the current president of the GBC, Joseph Borg, as the new president of INSULEUR.

Michael Galea, Vice President of the GBC and INSULEUR and Sylvia Gauci of the MCESD, then proceeded to hold a presentation on the topic of policies supporting sustainable tourism on European islands.

The presentation was overseen by EU officials from the DG environment, DG Move, DG Mare and DG Regio, along with other members of the EU Islands Secretariat.