Sick leave to take care of ill-children, shelved again – FORUM

The Confederation of unions, the FORUM said that whilst the budget acknowledges the hardship faced by workers, businesses and families in the current extraordinary times, the government has once again shelved its electoral pledge to allow parents to call in sick in order to take care of their ill children.

It applauded the government for the fresh issue of vouchers and the extension of the wage supplement as well as adding another vacation leave to compensate for public holidays falling on weekends.

Budget speech had little to say about Education – MUT

On the other hand, the Malta Union of teachers (MUT) said that it would wait until the Education Minister delivers his speech during the budget estimates, to understand what’s in store for the teachers since the budget speech revealed little in terms of measures aimed at strengthening the education sector.

The MUT said the government seemed to offer quick fixes to the current problems but need to plan ahead in order to mend serious deficiencies effecting the educational sector.

It said that the programme aimed at reducing illiteracy had to stop due to the pandemic as the MUT hopes that next year it will be resumed.