“Shutting down all construction sites not advisable” – Kamra tal-Periti


The Kamra tal-Periti said it is not advisable to abruptly shut down all construction sites, as some may present a greater risk to public safety if they are abandoned without the necessary precautions being put in place to ensure structural stability.

The President of the Kamra tal-Periti Simone Vella Leniker expressed the concerns of The Kamra tal-Periti about a possible national lockdown and the risks to public safety this may lead to during a meeting with Prime Minister Robert Abela.

The coronavirus outbreak and the lack of adequate regulation in the construction industry, which recently led to the death of Miriam Pace were on the meeting’s agenda between The Kamra tal-Periti and Prime Minister Robert Abela.

The meeting was held on Friday. Environment Minister, Aaron Farrugia, Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius were also present.

During the meeting, Vella Leniker also stated that there may also be instances where properties may require urgent maintenance or repairs during the lockdown period, and provisions should be made for such situations.

According to a statement issued on Saturday by The Kamra tal-Periti, it was agreed that although there is no indication as yet from the public health authorities that a lockdown is imminent, separate discussions would be held with the relevant Ministries to prepare for such an eventuality should it arise.

Construction Crisis

On the construction industry crisis, Kamra tal-Periti President, Simone Vella Lenicker, outlined a number of reforms which the Kamra has been striving for, including:

  • The licensing and classification of contractors by the State to ensure they are qualified to shoulder their responsibilities and give the public and consumers peace of mind
  • The consolidation of laws and regulations whose remit is scattered in 22 different public entities
  • The introduction of regulations covering the design of permanent works which would fall under the responsibility of architects and engineers, and the execution of temporary works which would fall under the responsibility of contractors, thereby providing simplicity and clarity of the roles within the industry
  • The enactment of the long-overdue amendments to the Periti Act

During the meeting, Prime Minister Robert Abela welcomed the Kamra tal-Periti contributions and said he looked forward to collaborating further to introduce the necessary reforms in the industry.

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