Shroud of Turin on TV and social media for veneration

Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Turin on Holy Saturday, April 11, will preside on a special liturgy of prayer during which there will be an extraordinary veneration of the Shroud in Turin. The celebration will be broadcast live on Italian TV stations as well as on social media platforms. The celebration will start at 5.00 p.m. The Archdiocese of Turin has embarked on this initiative so that during that time of contemplation the image of the Holy Shroud will be made available to the whole world.

Spiritual support for believers

Archbishop Nosiglia said that though this celebration believers will be supported spiritually during the coronavirus pandemic and they could pray Christ for “the grace to overcome evil as He did on the Cross”.

The Archbishop of Turin hopes that the Shroud could help believers to live the Easter message and that it fills hearts with gratitude and faith.

“Thanks to television and social networks,” he said, “this time of contemplation will make available to everyone throughout the world the image of the sacred cloth, which reminds us of the Lord’s passion and death, but also opens our hearts to faith in His resurrection.”

“The love with which Jesus gave us his life and that we celebrate during Holy Week is stronger than every suffering, every illness, every contagion, every trial and discouragement. Nothing and no one can ever separate us from this love, because it is forever faithful and unites us to him with an indissoluble bond” said Archbishop Nosiglia.

A discussion by a group of experts will follow on the media.

Icon of Christ’s love

In June 21, 2015, Pope Francis prayed before the relic during a visit to Turin . That was the last time that the Shroud was presented to the public. Afterwards, he described it as an icon of Christ’s love.

On that occasion, the Pope had said that “The Shroud attracts people to the face and tortured body of Jesus and, at the same time, urges us on toward every person who is suffering and unjustly persecuted.”