Watch: Should the PN have a new beginning or should Delia stay?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The members of the General Council of the PN are voting on an important motion for the future of the PN. Will they opt for new leadership elections or will they ask the tesserati to vote for or against a confidence motion in Delia?

Last year Adrian Delia was given 67% vote of confidence by the members of the General Council, who decided that he should stay on till the next general elections. However a recent poll showed that support for Delia has gone down to 41%.

What will be the actual vote of the General Council?

Andre Grech, a fervent supporter of Delia, will debate with Dr Michael Asciak the person who in the Executive Council moved the vote of no confidence in Delia. Fr Joe Borg will lead the discussion on 103 Malta’s Heart and on Saturday at 9:00am