Share the gift of life with an MSPCA Christmas sponsorship

If you can’t own a pet why not sponsor one?

If there has been one lesson to learn from this year for the Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA), it would be the value of life and all that is true in it. 

“Getting close to the animal world has shown us the true meaning and value of loyalty, unconditional love, selflessness, respect and most of all the importance of commitment as a result. We feel these are all values that have tested our Human Race through our relationships over the years, where we have sometimes forgotten the true meaning of what is truly important in life,” a spokesperson for the animal shelter said.

With this idea in mind, they see an added value of showing a loved one this year the importance of what Christmas is all about.

If you would like to ‘Share the Gift of Life’ this Christmas, why not give someone a sponsorship certificate? With only 25 Euros you can contribute towards sponsoring an animal and in return receive a gift card certificate which can be kept or given to another as a Christmas gift.

“Please help us give them a second chance!” the spokesperson said, “May we also take this opportunity to remind those wanting a pet for Christmas, that a pet is not a temporary decisions, but a lifetime commitment. As former Dogs’ Trust Chief Executive Clarissa Baldwin puts it, ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’.”

For more information, you may contact the MSPCA on email: