September edition of FLIMKIEN on

Flimkien Settembru Cover

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

For the sixth consecutive month, the magazine FLIMKIEN will be available to the readers of

Among the interesting articles that one can read of the magazine published by the College of Priests one finds:

  • The life story of the priest killed by the Mafia
  • Bishop Mario Grech is interviewed about his experience as the bishop of Gozo. He shares with the readers his vision for the Church.
  • Dr. Godfrey Agius writes about alcohol and its effects.
  • A short story by Mildred Honor
  • What a four year old boy should know
  • A homily of Pope Francis

For the next few days FLIMKIEN will be prominently displayed as an item on our homepage either in the section of the featured stories, or in the Lifestyle section. As from today, any reader who goes on ‘Lifestyle’ in the menu at the top end of the homepage will see a drop down menu, one of the items there reads FLIMKIEN. Click on it and the magazine articles are yours to read. will also be reproducing a number of articles from FLIMKIEN. At the bottom of each item an icon with the magazine’s cover page can take readers to the whole magazine.

The full version of FLIMKIEN can be accessed here.

Flimkien Settembru Cover