Separated parents in court over child’s admission to school

Separated parents filed a joint application to the Family Section of the Civil Court after a school in Ta’ Paris requested them to present a “certificate of care and custody” for their daughter to be accepted at the school.

The parents’ lawyer is accusing the school of creating nonexistent laws.

The application says that the couple received a letter from the Head of School insisting that it had to be presented with this certificate. The lawyer explained that the school insisted that the letter the mother wrote to the school, in which she explained that the father gave permission for the daughter to be registered at school, was not enough.

The parents were asked by their lawyer to file an application in Court so that, hopefully, this kind of red-tape would come to an end. He said that this it is unacceptable for a school to request that parents go to court to produce a document in order for their child to be able to attend that school.

He asked the Court to confirm that separated parents should not have to go to court to decide where to send their children to school.